NASA’s Groundbreaking New Self Healing Technology

There have been many striking advancements from NASA in recent times, but this advancement may be one of the most groundbreaking ones of all. NASA has created a material that can actually heal itself. This will potentially be very beneficial for the success of NASA’s space travel. However, it will also have potentially incredible benefits for the public at large. Not only are these materials capable of healing themselves, but they can do this within a period of mere seconds.

1. What This Material Will Protect Astronauts From:

This material will help spacecraft to better withstand impacts from space junk and small meteroids. Impacts with meteroids and space junk can have disastrous consequences for the occupants of spacecraft. Space is a vacuum, and any hole in the exterior of a spacecraft opening to the outside causes air to rush out of the spacecraft extremely quickly. This could be a deadly situation for the astronauts inside.

2. How This Technology Works:

This self healing material has a solid exterior. However, there is also a liquid contained between the two solid layers. This liquid remains liquid under ordinary conditions. However, the liquid has a unique property that causes a chemical reaction during a mixture with oxygen. When oxygen is mixed with the liquid, it becomes hardened. This is because the liquid contains a substance called tributylborane. This substance forms a solid substance, when it is combined with oxygen.

3. How Was This Material Tested:

This is the incredible part. The material was tested with speeding bullets. In a sense, this has a lot of similarities to technology from the Terminator. The material is able to heal itself from the hole created by a bullet. However, the material would be able to heal itself from any hole created in the exterior.

4. The Potential Applications Of This Technology:

This technology will be extremely beneficial to space travel. It will definitely improve the safety of space travel. This could potentially help to make it possible for space travel to become more commonplace in the future. While space travel could one day become utilized by the public, this is unlikely if it is an extremely hazardous undertaking. Technologies, such as this, that improve the safety of space travel could help to make space travel more easily accessible and practical in the future.

Furthermore, self healing materials can have other applications than space travel. This application could have applications anywhere that an exterior is in danger of being damaged by projectiles or other forms of damage. One very down to earth application of this could be a phone that heals itself. This could potentially eliminate the infamous everyday problem of the broken cell phone screen.

In short, the potential applications can include but are not limited to:

  • – Space Travel
  • – Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices
  • – Containers
  • – Transport of Hazardous Substances

5. Conclusion:

NASA’s new technology will be extremely beneficial for astronauts. It also is going to be very beneficial for the general public. There are many potential applications of this type of technology. In the future, this could even help to make space travel for a spacefaring public.

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